Villages is coming! An epidemic of Belonging!

I’d like my community to test Villages when its ready. I’d love to connect with neighbours and share food, skills and stuff.

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We’re bringing Car Sharing to Bendigo!

Would you like to access a shared car in your neighbourhood by the hour? Or would your staff at work like to book cars by the hour?

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Become a bHive Founding Patron!

bHive is on the go building our first two projects. But we still need all the help we can get.

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Partner with us and become the next bHive Sharing Enterprise

We’re starting with Villages and Car sharing. But we want to help the Bendigo community build local cooperative enterprises in food sharing, energy sharing, stuff sharing, time sharing, land sharing and more.

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What else is happening in Bendigo in the new economy?

There is so much going on in Bendigo! At bHive we love all the local projects that aim to create a new economy that looks after people and planet. We will partner with great ideas that need tech and cheer on the rest.

The Library of Things

These are popping up around the world and this one is soon to be in Bendigo! Borrow stuff instead of buying it and save money, the planet and be part of a great local community.

Status: one year into planning

The Bendigo Repair Cafe

Repair your stuff and keep using it. Save money, reduce waste and consumption. Opens monthly at …

Status: Two years in!

Shared Housing

Local architects are looking for people who want to share buildings, driveways, rooms and land.

Status: Ready to go

FreeWheeling Fun

Donate your bike and the team will fix it up for someone else who needs some wheels.

Status: Two years in!

Bendigo Time Banking or LETS

Give hours of your time to others in exchange for others’ time. Get your garden weeded or your kids babysat. Give your time and skills to help others.

Status: just starting the conversation

Community Power Hub

A great crew of Bendigo peeps creating local renewable energy projects you can invest in, help with or put on your roof.

Status: One year in!