bHive aims to relocalise work, spending and ownership in towns and cities everywhere, starting in Bendigo. To create local living economies that look after people and restore the environment. To create an epidemic of belonging. To ensure that everyone owns and controls their own online data.

If our model works in Bendigo, it can work in any local place. Our tech will be open source, so starting just requires setting up your own bHive cooperative like ours. We can help with that. You’ll then build up your own digital cooperative enterprises for your city, keeping your spending, work and ownership local to you.

And we need others to join us. If we’re really going to create an economic, social and ecological movement fit for a world in crisis, we’re going to need to have other local places joining us on the journey. The more places, the more enterprises will be built and that means more tech that we can all share and use.

So get in touch if you like us to come and work with your local community, Council or Shire to help you get started. You can book us to speak about bHive, to help bring your community together, to help form your cooperative and to provide support as you get going and grow.