Become a Villages champ! Put yourself at the centre of your neighbourhood and use Villages to communicate and organise online with your neighbours, look after your neighbours, share stuff and skills and build community. Right when we need these things most!

Sign me up as a Champ!

Being a bHive Villages Champion – what’s involved….

There are four things you can help us with:

  1. Test the Villages platform
    We’ll send you a link to the platform.
    Sign up, test the features and tell us what you like and if anything is not working!
  2. Invite your neighbours on board
    On launch day, put a note in the neighbours letterboxes and join the online launch.
    When you’re out walking, chat to neighbours (and friends) about the launch.
  3. Support your neighbours to use the platform 
    Once we launch, be the local ‘go-to’ person to help your neighbours get on board with Villages.
  4. Provide feedback
    Let the bHive team know how everything is going now that we’re ‘live’.

Supporting you to be a Champ:

Three voluntary Zoom webinars :

  1. Champs Onboarding: big thanks, the task, timelines, questions – Thursday 1 October, 7pm
  2. Champs Platform Testing/Pre-Launch Update: What questions do you have about the Platform? What is working? What is not working? What features do you want to see? This session will also answer any questions you may have about the launch tasks – Tuesday 20 October, 7pm
  3. Champs Post-Launch Update: What feedback do you have abut the launch and/or the Platform?  – Date to be confirmed

A Champs Pack in the Mail: 

  • A document describing the champs’ task, information about bHive Cooperative and the Villages platform.
  • 50 customisable welcome notes to post in neighbours letterboxes

You can call or email the bHive team anytime.

We’ll send you three simple email updates with date reminders and instructions.

A Champions Community on the Villages Platform:
a place where Champs can discuss all things Champ with the bHive team and each other.

Bendigo Champs Onboarding Webinar

The Champs Task Slides


Create cinematic presentations, share them with a link, and collaborate with others in real time.