Join our Founding Patrons and help us create and epidemic of belonging! These brilliant peeps have provided tremendous support, with $37,000 raised since we first launched the bHive project in 2016.  For a world first, brand new cooperative tech platform every dollar counts!

If local sharing, mutual aid and community matter to you … if local cooperative ownership and enterprise matters to you … if ownership and control of your data matters to you … if you want to see the Villages platform and your own bHive Cooperative in your town … if you want a local economy that is good for people and place … then think about making a donation and becoming a bHive Founding Patron.

Our founding patrons

Adam Dove
Aida Escall
Alex Lench
Amy Robson
Ann Flanagan
Anthony James
Anthony McMullen
Anthony Taylor
Bella Torres-Gomez
Bob Digance
Brian Khuu
Brenton Johnson
Brett Flavell
Bryley Savage
Caroline O’Brien
Central Coast Co-operative Alliance
Charles Chen
Charles Meo
Chris Harrington

Dale Harris
David Hooke
David Lumsdon
David Major
Deanne Williamson
Frances Ford
Gilbert Rochecouste
Greg Cahill
Haven; Home, Safe
Jac Torres-Gomez
Jacqui Knee
Jeanette Pope
Jencie McRobert
Jennifer Alden
John Murphy
John Willis
Joseph Furolo
Kellie Flavell
Keith Reynard
Laura Bird
Laurie Whelan
Linda Beilharz
Lucy Mayes

Maree Cahill
Marg Allan
Martin Angus
Matt Shanahan
Mercia McBurney
Michael Nugent
Nick Byrne
Nick Tennant
Paul Bishop
Penny Wilkinson
Peter Sanders
Philip Smith
Rachel Hannan
Renee Wilson
Rick O’Callaghan
Rim Martin
Robert Kretschmer
Robyn Major
Roger McBurney
Sam Harris
Sara Hill
Stephen Cameron
Steve Abbott
Steve Ray
Sue Masters
Tanya Hoad
The Holoverse

Become a bHive Founding Patron

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