Our Founding Patrons have provided tremendous support, with $30,000 raised since we first launched the project in October 2016 to allow introductory work to begin on the bHive platform cooperative.

You too can join this illustrious group and have your name in lights forever.

Become a Founding Patron

Aside from the personal and community benefits of a fully operational bHive sharing platform, it is too early to be able to promise Founding Patrons anything in return for your donations.
But there are two forms of recognition that we are working towards. The first is that you will be recognised on the platform forever as Founding bHive Patrons, and the second is reduced bHive platform fees.

With Phase 1 now underway, we are also looking for funding partners to take us to our next level.

Our founding patrons

Adam Dove
Ann Flanagan
Bella Torres-Gomez
Chris Harrington
Dale Harris
David Hooke
David Lumsdon
David Major
Deanne Williamson
Greg Cahill

Haven; Home, Safe
Jac Torres-Gomez
Jacqui Knee
Jencie McRobert
Jennifer Alden
John Willis
Keith Reynard
Laurie Whelan
Linda Beilharz
Maree Cahill
Marg Allan
Matt Shanahan
Mercia McBurney
Roger McBurney

Nick Byrne
Penny Wilkinson
Philip Smith
Rachel Hannan
Rick O’Callaghan
Rim Martin
Robert Kretschmer
Robyn Major
Sara Hill
Steve Abbott
Sue Masters
Anthony Taylor