Why Now and Why Bendigo?In 2013, the sharing economy globally was worth $13b, and by 2025 Forbes expects it to be worth $335b. That might be an underestimation. Uber and Airbnb are currently worth $90b and $75b as they spread through capital cities around the world. We believe that we have short window to establish an alternative here before these global platforms arrive in Bendigo. bHive will help Bendigo develop as a digital innovation hub. We can shape this economy locally, or have it happen to us.

In direct contrast to the Ubers and Airbnbs of the world who destroy local jobs, create precarious work and take profits and tax overseas, bHive is being built in Bendigo from the ground up. Bendigo people will build, operate and own the platform that will build over time to provides skill sharing, car sharing, lifts, food sharing, logistics, house sharing, crowdfunding, insurance and lots more.

Here is our EO and cofounder Ian McBurney on why bHive at our first public event in 2016: