What if your money could be put to a “once in a civilisation chance” to create a new local economy?

At bHive, we have a funding gap to leap over. We’re hoping that you can help!

bHive Fundraising

We have raised $35,000 in donations. This has enabled us to establish our entity, create our plans, trial our first application and set up our business.

Our current goal is to raise $140,000 to test and build our first few applications, which will enable us to grow our membership and user base and to earn income. This money needs to come in the form of grants or gifts.

So, we currently have a $140,000 fundraising gap. The person or organisation who gifts us that money will kick start a revolution, one in which local places build, operate and own their own peer-to-peer sharing economies, starting in Bendigo.

Because we’re a cooperative, owned by our members, we need a special kind of investor. One who wants to see bHive in action rather than own bHive. Could you be that person? Do you know that person?

Here’s what your money might kick start …

  • bHive needs investors who love tech, but understand that without local ownership everyone loses.
  • bHive needs investors who want to see an access economy, not a consumption economy; who want us to be able to access stuff, transport, money, energy, time, skills, logistics and more without having to own it all individually.
  • bHive needs investors who understand that the future of work is local, and that all local economies need is the ability to match the needs of local people with the skills of local people.
  • bHive needs investors who see renewable energy, electric transport and communications localising, meaning that local places need to prepare for a local economic boom of making, manufacturing and work.
  • bHive needs investors who want to see the circulation or flow of money locally, rather than the extraction of wealth from communities.
  • We want investors who want to see local people, places, communities and human connection at the centre of the economy, rather than capital.
  • We want investors who care about privacy, who want to see people owning and controlling their own encrypted data.
  • We want investors who want to see 4% of local spending diverted to local projects that eradicate the causes of poverty and restore the ecology.
  • bHive needs investors who want to see this economic model spread in an open source fashion so that any local place anywhere can set up just like we did!

We don’t mind if our investors want anonymity, or want the whole world to know their name.