Breaking: “Villages” coming in September

The world looks very different at the moment. We created bHive so that neighbours can connect with each other and so that we can share resources, support local businesses and create work locally.  Work is going on with bHive despite the circumstances and because these things have become even more important.

We’re heartened by the thousands of people who are helping neighbours and building community right now. We’re seeing a wonderful rise of community kitchens, food share, phone trees, care groups, clothes swapping, footpath drawing, rainbows and bears in windows. People are organising at the grassroots based on generosity and care for others and its brilliant to see.

Our Villages platform is coming soon: Over the next few months we’ll be using our eNews to tell the story of bHive, explain Villages, update everyone on the progress of our car sharing project and to call for volunteers to help us test, improve and pilot Villages. Stay tuned.

The bHive team hopes that everyone out there is ok at this unreal time. Look after yourselves and your neighbours.

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