This policy applies to Personal Information supplied, collected and generated through the use of the bHive Platform. It does not include personal information collected and managed for the purpose of cooperative governance.  


We collect your Personal Information directly from you, and automatically through limited use of cookies and other similar technologies  

We use cookies or similar technologies to check Personal Information from you automatically to allow access to the platform. 

We may use your Personal Information that you give us to customize our communications with you and your experience of the platform. We use software analytics from time to time to understand how you use the platform to improve its design. 

Other than for payment processing, we do not allow third parties access to your Personal Information. 

We work very hard to protect your Personal Information, but we cannot guarantee 100% protection. Your data is stored in Australia. 

We will ask for your consent to use your Personal information for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes. 

If you want to leave the Platform i.e. cease membership and delete your profile, you may request that your Personal Information be deleted from the database.



We only collect, use, or store your Personal Information if: 

  • You voluntarily provide it to us with your specific and informed consent; 
  • It is necessary to provide you a Service that you have requested (for example, providing you access to Villages); 
  • We have a legitimate business interest that is not outweighed by your privacy rights (for example, to provide customer service).  


  • bHive has its primary place of business in Australia. Your Personal information is stored on servers in Australia. 


3.1 Personal Information Collected 

We may collect different types of information from you depending on how you use our Service, including Personal Information. “Personal Information” means information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person. The categories of Personal Information we may collect are listed below. Certain types of Personal Information may fall under more than one category. 

  • Identifiers: We may collect your first and last name, email address, username, mailing address, telephone number, Internet Protocol address, software, hardware, and device identifiers, and online identifiers. 
  • Commercial information: We may collect your membership payment status. We do not collect your credit card information or payment details. These are collected by third party payment processor Stripe. 
  • Internet or other similar network activity: We may collect information about your interaction with the Service (e.g., your internet service provider, referral pages, the content you view on the Service, the dates you access that content, and the length of time you view that content). 
  • Geolocation data: We may collect your location.  
  • Post information: We may collect information from the content that you post publicly in the Service or share through direct communication e.g. feedback and stories 
  • Sensory data: We may collect information that you upload to the Service i.e.  profile picture, images, video  
  • We may also collect statistical information that does not generally identify you but may become associated with your account. We may use this information that does not identify you for any permissible business purpose. 


Directly From You 

We may collect your Personal Information when you provide it to us directly. For example: 

  • When you create or update your account, we may collect your name, street and email address.  
  • We collect the status of your payment information and a record of your transaction history. (Marcus ?)    
  • When you use the public functions in the Service such as your user profile, we may collect the information you choose to disclose (e.g., your biographical information, your comments, posts, and reviews on the Service’s forums.) 
  • When you contact us or report a problem with the Service, we may collect records and copies of your correspondence.  
  • When you respond to a survey or questionnaire, we may collect the information provided. 

Automatically From You 

We may collect your Personal Information automatically as you use our Service. For example, we may collect your Personal Information as you browse our Site  

From Third Parties 

  • We may receive your Personal Information from or through third parties that help us provide or facilitate your access to the Service.  

For example, details of the financial transaction to complete user access will be collected and maintained using third party software Stripe. We do not have access to your complete credit card number. We do have access to the status, not details, of your membership payments


Cookies are small data file identifiers that are transferred to your computer or mobile web browser that allow us to recognize your browser or mobile device and transfer information about you and your use of our Service. 

We may use cookies on the Service to for example, collect Personal Information regarding your use of the Site (e.g., your Internet Protocol address, software, hardware, and device identifiers, location, internet service provider, referral pages, the content you view on the Service, the dates you access that content, and the length of time you view that content). 


4.1 Our Retention, Purpose Limitation, and Security Policies 

We protect your Personal Information through a combination of collection, security, and retention policies. 

  • Limited retention. We only keep your Personal Information for as long as we need it for business and operational needs or to comply with any statutory, regulatory, or legal obligations. For example, we may retain Personal Information collected from you to support customer service inquiries and prevent repeated violations or suspected violations of our Terms of Use if your account has been banned or your access to the Service has been disabled for any reason.  
  • Purpose limitation. We will use your Personal Information only for the Service you choose to access and for the purposes for which you choose to share it. We will respect your requests to start or stop processing your Personal Information for marketing purposes, as well as the types of marketing messages you may wish to receive. (Ian  what are we planning for regular comms, how can people opt out?) 
  • Security measures. We use appropriate measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk involved and have implemented contractual, technical, administrative, and physical security measures designed to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and modification. As part of our privacy compliance processes, we review these security procedures on an ongoing basis to consider new technology and methods as necessary. However, please understand that our implementation of security measures as described in this Privacy Policy does not guarantee the security of your Personal Information.
  • In the event of a security breach, no longer than 72 hours after we become aware of such a breach, we will notify the proper regulatory authorities and any affected users of the breach.

4.2 Your Practices and Activities 

Your practices and activities are likewise very important for the protection of your own Personal Information. You can take certain steps to help protect your Personal Information, such as being mindful of what you share publicly in the Service. For example, if you do not want your Personal Information to be visible to other users of the Service, please do not upload that information to your user profile or other public portions of the Service. 

Users should also not pick a password that is easy to guess and should not share their password.   

4.3 Your Preferences and Options  

Modifying Your Personal Information. You can modify your account information at any time by logging into your account. In addition, you may modify any Personal Information in your user profile at any time. If you have questions about how to modify or remove your account information, please email us at

Opting-Out of Marketing Communications. If you no longer wish to receive email advertisements, you may opt-out at any time by: (i) clicking the opt-out/unsubscribe option contained in each commercial email; (ii) going to your account information and changing your communication preference settings;. Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for the system to fully update your preferences. Opting out of these communications will not impact emails or other communications we send you regarding your use of the Service (orders, policies, updates, etc.)

Deletion of Your Personal Information.if you no longer want us to provide the Service to you, you may delete your user profile and request that we delete your Personal Information and close your BHive Villages account. If you request the deletion of your Personal Information: (a) your information will be deleted from our databases; (b) we may retain some of your information as necessary to improve safety and legal compliance such as fraud detection and prevention and enhancing safety. 

4.4 Right to Access, Correct, Delete, or Restrict Processing 

Subject to any limitations and exceptions under applicable law, you have the right to request access to your Personal Information and exercise a number of rights:  

  • You have the right to correct or update certain types of Personal Information. In many cases, you can review or update your account information by accessing your account online.  
  • You have the right to request deletion of your Personal Information. If you choose to have your Personal Information removed from our Service, we will carry out your request within 7 days of account verification, subject to extension, and will only retain minimal Personal Information to document your request and the actions we took to carry out your request. (Agreed with Marcus) 
  • You have the right to restrict certain processing of your Personal Information, and the right to object to some types of processing of your Personal Information.   
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, including objecting to your Personal Information being used for marketing or advertising purposes.  

We will comply with your requests in accordance with, and subject to, applicable law. For example, we are not required to delete your Personal Information if it has an overriding legitimate ground for retaining that information such as to prevent fraud. Please note that we are legally prohibited from carrying out requested actions in some instances, including (a) when we are unable to confirm your identity; (b) where the request is considered excessive; and (c) where doing so would adversely affect the rights or freedoms of other individuals. 

5. We Are Here to Help 

Please email at with the subject line Personal Information if you would like to exercise any of the rights described above or if you have questions regarding your rights.