Vision: We own our local digital sharing economy together

First mission: Create a digital platform that allows Bendigo people to create, own and run sharing enterprises, providing access to shared local goods and services.


Build local Enterprises

bHive is an economic development driver that will enable local people to build the cooperative sharing enterprises that will operate using the bHive reputation, identity and payments tools.

Create meaningful work

bHive will create work and income in peer to peer services including energy, food, stuff, transport, skills, money, logistics, space, business and personal services and more sectors.

Localise spending

Currently, households in Bendigo spend $2.5 billion annually, with a high percentage of this leaving Bendigo. Our modelling indicates that by 2030, bHive sharing enterprises will be keeping a projected $71 million annually in the local economy.

Locally owned

bHive users will own the platform under our cooperative structure. As a non-distributing cooperative, any surplus made is reinvested in the bHive platform and local charities. Sharing enterprise cooperatives will be owned by the users of each and profits will be distributed amongst member owners.


bHive is a community building tool that brings people together to create real human connections. Neighbours can communicate and share local ideas, produce, tools, run events and projects.

Eradicate poverty & restore the ecology

4% of all spending on bHive sharing enterprises will be invested in local charitable projects that aim to eradicate poverty and restore the ecology. By 2030 this is projected to be over $3m annually.