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bHive will localise spending, work and ownership of our digital sharing economy whilst building local community and restoring the local environment.

Online sharing trade equityA unique opportunity is available to become one of the founding supporters of a collaborative economy for Bendigo: bHive Cooperative.

This prospectus provides an overview of the concept, budget, an implementation plan, key timelines and how you can be involved. The bHive project team thank you for taking the time to review and consider this initiative and look forward to welcoming your involvement.

bHive concept overview

bHive is a new cooperative for Bendigo, an online platform that will allow local enterprises and people to own Bendigo’s sharing economy.

Likely enterprises supported by bHive include car sharing, bike sharing, stuff sharing, peer-to-peer energy, skill sharing, time banking, food sharing, land sharing and peer-to-peer lending. These enterprises will generate income and profits that will be reinvested back into the local economy.

bHive objectives

  • Provide the technology that allows Bendigo to run peer to peer sharing enterprises
  • Stimulate local spending, investment, work, entrepreneurship and connections
  • Reinvest locally to build an economy based on shared health, wellbeing and prosperity

The first platform cooperative in Australia

The world has created the online technology needed to implement the 21st century version of the local market: the platform cooperative. This digital platform – a website or mobile app that is designed to provide a service or sell a product – that is collectively owned and governed by the people who depend on and participate in it.

You may be familiar with international platform cooperatives like Fairmondo, Stocksy, Modo and Enspiral.
bHive will be the first Australian platform cooperative.

Why bHive?

Cooperatives – nothing new for Bendigo

Bendigo was home to many cooperatives in the 1800s. We had brewing cooperatives, butter cooperatives and cheese cooperatives. The Bendigo Fruit Growers Cooperative Society began in 1889.
The Bendigo Bank evolved from a building society, with locals seeking ways to help miners buy their own homes.

Info about the bHive team

How will bHive work in Bendigo?

Meet Nicole. Nicole joins bHive as a member and gains access to her shared village. Nicole can share vegies, tools and her wheelbarrow, set up a babysitting roster, organise a street party, post local events, build local relationships, create local projects and teach the neighbours how to prune fruit trees. She is a neighbour, a friend and an integral part of her community.
The shared village is the commons: the Village Hive isn’t about money, it is real sharing. Nicole can then choose the shared economy apps she wants to. These are services run across Bendigo. P2P carshare? Carpooling? Food share? Landshare? Equipment share? House share? P2P loans? P2P insurance? P2P energy?
For each service, Nicole is a member and therefore an owner. She can create, work for and use these services. A percentage of Nicole’s spending in the Sharing Hive goes to the Giving Hive. Nicole decides which local charities receive her spending, with projects aiming to either eradicate the causes of poverty or restore the local ecology.
In the City Hive, Nicole can check in on Bendigo events and down the track, participate in local governance, crowdsourced projects and more.

The bHive Coop

bHive was born in 2016 when 80 people turned out to our pitch night in Bendigo, donating $30,000 to enable us to get started with our entity, our branding and our website. We still have $17,000 in the bank. Our Cofounders are working voluntarily on our governance, technology, communications, fundraising and business systems.

As of the 14th of August 2017 bHive is a registered cooperative. We are non distributing, which means that profits will be reinvested into the platform and into the Bendigo community. Individuals, charities and other coops can be members of bHive.

We’re part of the global platform cooperative conversation, with Cofounder Julie Miller Markoff speaking at the platform coop conference in NY right now. We are also a part of the Australian platform coop network, featuring in the first edition eNews this week and we just invested in Incubator coop, an Australian based start up that aims to assist the coop sector to flourish here.

Our plan for the longer term is to enable other towns to use the bHive platform open source to build their own local digital sharing economies. The future economy, including bHive will be decentralised.

Partner with us

Sponsor a bHive Development pack. Choose the pack that fits best with your brand; a sponsorship package can be tailored to suit.

Villages Pack

Process: Design, build, test, improve, launch

Villages: Join your neighbours and friends across town to message, post, set up sharing registers, for free local things like wheelbarrows, vegies, bikes, tools, camping gear and stuff, and organise projects.

bHive Tech back end: Identity, Reputation, Payments and database.

Launch Pack: $35K
Grow Pack: $25K

Stuff Share Packs

Process: Design, build, test, improve, launch

Bendigo Stuff Share: Post stuff to sell, or give away, or loan or for hard waste. Have it delivered. Transition to a Bendigo Delivery Coop.

bHive Tech back end: Identity, Reputation, Payments and database.

Launch Pack: $35K
Grow Pack: $25K

Events pack

  • Innovation Labs
  • bHive Hackathons
  • Peer to Peer economy Speakers
  • Host all bHive public events

Events Pack: $20K